athlete training.

IMPROVE, POWER, SPEED, STRENGTH, ENDURANCE with 1 to 1 / group coaching

Do you want to work 1 to 1 or in a group with a coach who has trained hundreds of athletes across a number of different sports?

Who trained Jordan Pickford for the premier league and in the build up to the 2018 world cup? Who trains world class fighters Ryan Scope, Josh Kelly Cal, Ellenor, Kieran Macdonald and Jamie Bates? Who is consistently learning, developing his own knowledge and puts heart into making athletes better?

Mentoring with world class coaches such as Phil Daru, Joe Defranco and Charles Polquin, Andy is using and develops his own protocols and training systems that has been applied to world class athletes.

Every athlete is different so why train the same? We willbreak down the demands of the sport and areas that need improvement. Thesession are designed to get the best possible results whether that’s for a fightcamp, preseason or the build up to an event. We are not about copying anexercise that looks cool and getting a video for social media. Everything we doin the gym needs to have the carry over to the sport.

working with unit 29

Fight camp
You will follow our condensed training model thatis going to help prepare you for your bout

Out of fight camp
Working to develop a solid foundation readyfor the demands of fight camp.

The best time to build. Giving the short period oftime, a condensed training model will be followed. Working on specific areas that need improvements.

Train at unit 29 during the season. With our knowledge and understanding of athletes we know the demands of the season. Our sessions will help aid performance. We can help promote recovery, and follow certain programmes that will have you raring to go come game day



Everton FC & England Footballer

Ryan Scope

Bellator MMA Fighter

Josh Kelly

Pro Boxer & Olympian

Cal Ellenor

Bellator MMA Fighter

Gary Madine

Premier League Footballer

Jamie Bates

Top 5 Ranked Kickboxer

Jack Dimond

Sunderland AFC Footballer

Kiran Macdonald

Team GB Boxer

Danny Graham

Blackburn Rovers Footballer

James Montgomery

Forest Greens Footballer

TonY Jefferies


Ryan Burton

Speedway Rider

Michael Fowler

Fleetwood Town Footballer

Zoe Ness

Scotland Footballer

Anthony Pattinson

Sunderland AFC Footballer

Issac Macleod


Jay Hughes

Professional Boxer

Lewis Brass

Welsh League Footballer

Becca Garside

Pro K1 Fighter

Josh Abraham

Cage Warrior MMA Fighter

Scott Fenwick


Andrew Fisher

Bellator Fighter

Adam Bale

Sunderland AFC Footballer

Rob Briggs

South Shields Footballer

Kyle Todd

Pro Kickboxer

Kenton Richardson

Hartlepool Footballer

Lewi Garside

Pro MMA Fighter

Lewi Monach

Pro MMA Fighter

Pete Jameson

York City Goalkeeper

Tom Whitfield


Pro MMA Fighter

Jordan king
Bradley Saunders


David Ferguson

York City Footballer