Receive the same training systems that unit 29 athletes use to prepare for competition & gym users for muscle.
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Are you getting the most out of your training by following the right plan? Are you training hard enough or over training?

Andy Coulson owner of a National Award Winning gym, mentoring with American top team strength coach Phil Daru & getting an insight of how he trains world class UFC fighters. Unit 29 fitness have developed protocols & training systems proven to work.

This is evident in the work with many body transformations as well as many fight camps with such athletes as bellator mma fighters Ryan Scope and Cal Ellenor, professional boxer and Olympians Josh Kelly, Kiran MacDonald & Glory kickboxer world ranked number 5 Jamie Bates.

Combat athletes online coaching

Train like world class fighters and follow the training systems that Bellators Ryan Scope and Cal Ellenor, Olympian Josh Kelly and Team GB athlete Kiran McDonald use to prepare for bouts. Programme to work alongside skills training and sparing. Become stronger, faster, increase power and dominate.

What's Included?

- Detailed programme design
- Out of camp programme to develop a strength and endurance base before starting the fight camp
- 8 week fight camp programme
- Consistent communication to make sure you're on track
- Video demonstrations for the programme
- Sport specific exercises
- Covering strength, condition, power, muscle building and endurance
- Core and stability exercises

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Train like a fighter

Are you a normal gym goer that wants to train like a combat athlete strength and conditioning? Not only will you transform your body increasing lean muscle, lose body fat and increase fitness levels, you will also increase your overall athleticism. This programme covers everything bare skills and sparing.

You will follow the same programme format as a fighter would such as bellator mma, cage warriors, team GB Olympians and glorykick boxers would follow. But you’re not training for a fight at the end.

You will receive a 12 week strength & conditioning training programme as a fighter
would in the build up to a fight.

What would I develop?

- Strength
- Power
- Lean muscle mass
- Decrease body fat
- Muscle endurance
- Overall fitness

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Muscle - for beginners to advanced!

Lack of progress in the gym can be down to several factors. But one of the main reasons is you’re not following the right programme. Workouts have become boring, week in, week out following the same sessions, and you wonder why you’re not improving.

Backed up by proven results this programme will put the buzz back into training.

Variety is key and the programme is jammed packed with it. You make yourself accountable for 12 weeks following a progressive plan that is broken down into 3 mini cycles of 4 weeks.

This will be the most intense programme you’ve followed. Using a range of training methods you’ll perform compound lifts, max effort lifts, % of 1 repmax, high volume/intensity, time under tension, challenges and finishers.

The muscle building programme system is like noother. Full of game changing exercises that have been used on world class athletes as well as gym goers that have seen dramatic body changes.

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