Strongman, Olympic weightlifting, strength, conditioning and muscle-building equipment. something for everyone.

Train in an award winning gym that has featured in Mens Health magazine for offering the best class in the North East. With hundreds of success stories from body transformations to athletes competing on the highest stage. We supply the tools and direction to get the most out of your training.

Step away from the same boring training and workout in a gym that thrives on results. Unit 29 will show you how to get so much more out of your training.

Using bands, chains, max effort, dynamic effort, modified strongman to name some of our methods.

Open gym

Feel free to use the gym following your own plan

Custom programme design

Increase strength, power, muscle building, sports performance or fat loss. We will design you the perfect programme. You will be introduced to new techniques and methods such as using bands and chains to totally transform your training.